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Why Bucket Biryani?

We at Bucket Biryani, started in 1998’s with an aim to reach out to every food lover with our simple yet soulful Biryani.

We prepare our Biryani slow cooked, in a traditional DUM style. With spices ground to perfection in the traditional mortar and pestle (ammikallu) for fresh flavours, tender succulent meat, farm fresh vegetables and long grain basmati rice, our Biryani is a combination of best quality and taste in every bite.

Our south Indian and Mughalai cuisines are a mixture of flavours and spices, cooked in authentic Indian culinary style, ought to bring an explosion of delicious taste in every bite!

Welcome to Bucket Biryani

The Bucket Story

In 1998, we set out to serve food in buckets, especially Biryani, to all sizes of family and friends. Through our unique approach to biryani making process where we make biryani every-hour, our customers experience a fresh and satisfying taste with every bite! Today Bucket Biryani not only caters all sizes of gatherings, but serves ‘The Best Biryani In Bengaluru!

Our soulful and delicious Biryani is served to you in specialized Buckets for a casual and laid back dining experience, while also keeping the Biryani fresh at all times!